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# GIF Roundup 动态图大杂烩

Posted April 11, 2020 by `Alex` in `Development`, `Media`


I've been working on a lot of content recently – some hand-crafted missions, new weapons (and ships), some endgame material, and so on. While that's all terribly exciting, it unfortunately doesn't leave me with a whole lot I can talk about without spoiling things. There is another feature I'm working up to – somewhere at the intersection of “mechanics” and “content”, a bit more the latter – that I'll be able to talk about (at least, if it pans out), but that's still a little ways off.

最近,我忙于游戏内容的制作 - 包括一些手工调试过的任务,新的武器(当然还有舰船),还有些关于终局游戏的内容等等之类的,虽然这些内容都很激动人心,但很不幸的是,我没法在不透露惊喜的情况下向你们介绍这些新内容。我还在制作另一种新特性- 大概可以算是夹杂在“机制”与“内容”之间的某种东西,可能更靠近“内容”一些,我能讲讲关于这个新特性的一些内容(如果这个特性开发的顺利的话),但是这个特性完成估计也得猴年马月了。

In the meantime, I thought I'd revisit some of the gifs I posted on twitter while working on a new set of weapons. (There are also ships that go with these weapons, but those are not to be talked about, I'm afraid. Hegemony COMSEC was quite clear on the subject.) I'll also talk a bit more about the effects, so even if you've seen these already, there'll be something new – and there may be one or two you might have missed, even if you've been following along!

与此同时,在设计一套全新武器(还有舰船,不过很可惜,这不是我今天要讨论的内容,霸主 COMSEC已经把这事儿讲的挺清楚了)的时候,我有想过重温发布在推特上的gif动态图,我还想多谈谈画面特效,也许你们已经读过这些内容了,但是这次讨论的会加入些新内容- 即便一直关注更新的你也可能会有一两点遗漏的内容。

First, a picture of the glorious mess these can produce when employed against a hapless Paragon. This is a bit over the top; I wouldn't imagine things would look quite this extreme very often.



(Lest you think I hate Paragons, since they seem to be commonly used for target practice: it's only because they're the only thing sturdy enough, I swear.)


Without spoiling things too much, these weapons are not something the player would have easy or unlimited access to – as reflected in their visual effects, they're extremely powerful, and often do things that are “special” in some way.


On the other hand, it wouldn't do to add cool stuff to the game and then never let the player use it. So: the player will be able to get access to limited quantities of these. That way, deciding what ships to use them on is an actual choice, even if they're somewhat overpowered – otherwise, you'd just put them on everything. That said, they shouldn't be *too* out of line compared to normal weapons, especially since they cost more ordnance points to mount.

另一方面,要是往游戏里添加了这么酷炫的新玩意却不让玩家耍耍,那它就一点不酷了; 所以,玩家在游戏中仅能获取定量的这样的武器,通过这种方式,就算这些武器真就强到没边,玩家就会精挑细选搭载这些武器的舰船,而不是在所有舰船上无脑堆满这样的武器。即便如此,这些武器比起普通武器也不应该“太”牛逼了,因为这些牛逼武器也是要花费装配点来搭载在舰船上的。

With this out of the way, here are the visual effects for some of these weapons, along with a few notes!


> Going for more of a "cold" feel. Though I suppose in that case the targeted areas shouldn't glow, but … let's look past that. Rather pleased with how this turned out!

> 要展示出“更冷”的感觉,虽然我觉得这些目标区域的特效不该发光才对,但是。。。算了别管那么多,注意这些(特效)是如何转向的。

This is kind of a cold “flamethrower”. The “hose” is actually made up out of individual projectiles. A problem with this was that turning the weapon while firing made it really obvious – you'd see the individual shots going in different directions, like so:



So, there's code that makes projectiles kind of stick together – each projectile is dragged along a bit by the one right behind it. That way, as the weapon turns, the entire hose ends up being pulled along, just enough to – in most cases – make it retain cohesion.

呃,其实有行代码能把这些投射物聚集起来,每一个投射物都会被身后的投射物轻微拖拽一点,如此一来,当武器转向时,喷射出的整条火线都会被彼此串联起来,正好可以- 我是说在绝大多数场合- 让这武器的开火效果看起来凝聚在一起。

What's most interesting to me, though, is that I was this close to giving up on the entire approach before it finally clicked! I don't have any screenshots handy, but – after a several days of work – the flamethrower effect was… well, it wasn't good. Not “kind of ok, just not quite there”, but rather “this isn't at all usable”. To make matters worse, it didn't seem likely to get better; a number of adjustments I'd tried were not promising and it wasn't going anywhere.

还有件蛮有趣的事来着的,那是在我快要放弃调整这件武器的特效的时候,我手头并没有当时场景的截图,但是 -在数天的修改调试后- 火焰喷射器的效果可以说是。。。呃。。。不算好。不是那种“勉强凑合,差点火候”。而是“这丢人玩意根本拿不出手”。雪上加霜的是,这玩意的糟糕表现似乎一点没有转好的意思;我试过多种调整,但都不理想,还是那个样。

Then, literally in about 15 minutes, it went from that to pretty much what you see in the gif! The only thing that kept me going, if we're being honest, was a liberal application of the sunken cost fallacy.


(… in fact – this was a while ago, but it's starting to come back – what actually made it work was a bug – accidentally trying something I didn't mean to try. Wish I remembered what exactly it was, but, alas, that detail is lost in time.)

(事实上- 直到最近,这玩意开始表现得像那么回事- 让这玩意正常工作的其实是个BUG- 我自己都不知道这是在我尝试别的代码时无意间弄出来的。真希望自己还能记得那段代码长啥样,但很可惜,已经忘了个精光了。)(注:此处插入“你写了段根本不知道是什么玩意的代码而它却恰好正常工作了.gif”)

> An extremely [REDACTED] weapon system. Really happy with the visual effects, feels like it all came together here.

> 一个极其[数据删除]的武器系统,对武器的特效很满意,就好像水到渠成。

What I'm particularly happy with here is the trail effect – this was one of the very few times when a visual effect turned out exactly as I was imagining it, didn't take long, and actually looked good. Too often, something will turn out as I was imagining it, and then it turns out that doesn't actually work so well… visual effects work seriously eats time like nothing else! I think it's a combination of having a huge possibility space to explore, and it being some sort of time warp where 15 minutes later, 3 hours have passed.

我实际上是在为尾迹效果而感到高兴 - 这是少数的那种,视觉效果完全如同我想象的那般正常工作的状况,没花太多时间,而且它看起来蛮不错的。我见过太多这种事了,自以为最终效果会像我预期的那样,结果实际上特效工作的并没有那么好。。。视觉特效尤其消磨时间,远比其他的工作更消磨时间!我觉得(调整视觉特效)就如同探索一处拥有无限可能,无限组合的宇宙一样,而且有着某种时间加速的魔力,十五分钟过去了,实际上是三个小时过去了。

> Added a damage-over-time armor disintegration effect!
> (For what, you ask? That information is REDACTED etc etc.)

> 添加一个持续造成伤害会导致装甲形变瓦解的特效!
> (你说给什么添加这样的特效?当然是给[数据删除]添加啦)

This is an effect that strips away armor over time. The interesting thing here is taking care to be minimally disruptive to ship AI. If this effect did actual damage over time, the AI would need to be acutely aware of it – to back off when the damage is enough to eventually ensure a kill, for example, or to charge in recklessly when it's on borrowed time. Trying to handle this intelligently gets complicated very quickly.

这是种随着时间推移,逐渐剥下装甲的特效,设计这个特效最有趣的一点在于让它对操纵舰船的AI造成最小的影响。如果这个效果能够随时间造成伤害,AI应该明确知道有这样一回事 - 举个例子,当这种伤害足以摧毁舰船时,舰船应该撤退,或者意识到自己命不久矣而展开神风突击。为这样的目的编写智能很快就变得复杂起来。

To avoid these complications, the effect only affects armor – it's not doing any damage to the hull, so it's not capable of destroying a ship. It might still make sense to have the AI be aware of it in some situations, but the mistakes it might make as a result of not being aware would be very minor and, in the grand scheme of things, not noticeable.

为了避免这样的棘手问题,这个效果只会影响装甲, - 它不会对结构造成伤害,所以它没法彻底摧毁一艘舰船。虽然让AI意识到战场上有这么一回事仍然很重要,但是总体而言,错误判断只会导致轻微的后果,而非显著的后果。

> A somewhat more restrained use of the new visual effects.

> 新视觉效果的运用在某些程度上而言更受限。

Another cold-feeling weapon. I wanted to have an effect where the shot came out of and outpaced a cloud of particles (very vaguely inspired by [this scene](https://youtu.be/xUjrqFVBgc8?t=61), actually), so: there it is!


> And now a somewhat less restrained use of the new effects.
> (It won't be quite as extreme, this is with stuff turned up to 11.)

> 还有些在某种程度上不那么受限的新视觉效果
> (效果不会那么极端,这是这个特效调整过后看起来的样子)

This took a while to nail down, mainly due to wanting it to not be too similar to the torpedo trail in one of the previous gifs.

(The glowy stuff flying around is not part of the weapon, it's Something Else.)



> A finalized version of the weapon effect I've posted before -the explosions hug the contour of the ship more, and get smaller towards the end of the chain.
> Not a drastic change from the previous version! But it takes a lot of little details to nail it down.

> 这是我先前展示的武器视觉效果的最终版本 - 爆炸将更加贴合舰船的轮廓,并且在靠近开火链的末端时逐渐变小。
> —相较于先前的版本并没有做出较大的修改,但是在最终敲定前还是调整了很多细节。

This one could almost be a blog post in itself. The original concept was to have explosions with a dark center, in contrast to “normal” explosions that have a bright center. Here's what a very early attempt at this effect looked like:



It's just promising enough to keep going, really. David suggested these leaving some kind of “burns” (inspired by Brigador's [Black Hand](https://youtu.be/JLxOsgFL14g?t=876) weapon), as well as looking at subtractive blending. I didn't realize that was a possibility (!), but after a bit of checking, it turned out that was pretty easy to set up.

真的,因为看起来不错所以就继续往下修改了. David建议这些效果应该留下一些“焦痕”(灵感来源自Brigador的Black Hand武器),同时也应该着眼于subtractive blending(应该是OpenGL的一种图形现实方式吧,这个完全不清楚,似乎该叫反纹理混合),我从未想过这方面的可行性(惊了!),在些许尝试后,调制这样的特效还蛮简单的。

After much iteration, the end result is what you saw in the above gif. The new techniques were also useful for other effects – for example, the torpedo trail, the “less restrained” gif, and a number of other uses that are not shown here.

I'm not sure if my experience with visual effects is representative of what other people go through – but it sure seems to be consistent, whenever I end up spending time on this sort of thing.

在经历了数次迭代更新后,最终的结果就是你们先前看到的gif动态图。这个新技巧对其他的视觉效果也同样有效- 举个例子,鱼雷尾迹的视觉效果,“不那么受限的视觉效果”那张gif动态图中的视觉效果,还有其他许许多多这里没有展示出来的视觉效果。

我不知道我在视觉特效上的经验能否套用到别人的经历上- 但当我投入时间精力在这类事情上时,它似乎表现一致。

It takes a long time, and it's not clear exactly where it'll go. Rarely, an idea does work out as expected! More often than not, though, the initial idea is just something to get started with, and what actually ends up working is surprising – and, sometimes, a happy accident.

做视觉效果要花很多的时间,而最终效果什么样则全然是个未知数。偶然情况下,效果如同预期一般正常工作!大多数情况则不然,虽然说,最初的想法不过只是随便做点什么来开个头,然后就令人惊奇的成了 - 而有些时候,就像无心插柳柳成荫一样。

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